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Differences Between Accommodation Classes in Tanzania Safari

Updated: May 16, 2022

We work with more than 500 esteemed accommodations all over Tanzania. We have visited all these accommodations, and for your convenience and better experience, we categorized them into six classes based on locations, facilities, reviews, food quality, interior designs, services, special offers, and other aspects.

We have six different classes from Economy Class 1 through Ultra-Luxury Class 6.

You can check all of the camps/lodges here -

Class 1 Accommodation:

The camps/lodges in this category are the most budget-friendly. It’s affordable but will still provide all the basic amenities you need, such as a bedding set, clean linens, private toilet, shower, etc. Most class 1 accommodation is located in Karatu Town outside the national park, but some will be located inside the Serengeti. We will help you choose the camp/lodges based on location to get maximum game drives.

Class 2 Accommodation:

Camps/lodges in this class category will slightly upgrade from class 1. With higher prices, you will also get a better service level. Accommodation for Serengeti will be located inside the park, and for Ngorongoro and Lake Manyara, most of the accommodation will be situated in Karatu Town. For Tarangire, most of the accommodation is located in the Wildlife Management Area.

Class 3 Accommodation:

The camps/lodges in class 3 are typically mid-range, very strategic in location, and very good with the service level. Most of the accommodation will be located in the prime area inside the Wildlife Management Area. Some of the camps/lodges will have swimming pools built in large areas to have more privacy and be suitable for a short walk. The rooms/tents will also be more spacious and comfortable.

Class 4 Accommodation:

Most of the accommodations in this class are called Tented Lodge, a combination of a camp and a lodge. These camps/lodges are upper mid-range and only slightly less than a luxury. They are located in prime areas and are more accessible. You will get unique service and experiences, and it will be equal to 3 to 4 stars hotels.

Class 5 Accommodation:

This category of camps/lodges equals 4 or 5 stars hotels. They are luxurious in the wild; most will have swimming pools, stunning views, and several different types of tents/rooms. These accommodations are mostly a part of a big chain of hotels (locally and internationally). They are all located inside the national parks in prime and secure areas. The rooms will be spacious and with unique, authentic African interiors.

Class 6 Accommodation:

Class 6 accommodation camps/lodges are ultra-luxury, primarily equal to 5 stars and above. They are the most expensive and best accommodations built inside the national park. They are always a part of a big chain of luxury hotel brands and will provide excellent service with so many facilities you can enjoy. All of these ultra-luxury camps/lodges are located inside the national park. We recommend staying for at least two nights to utilize all the facilities they provide.

Overall, all the camps/lodges are equally good. Just choose the one that suits you best. We will always provide the ultimate safari experience that will last in your memory.

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