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Choosing Your Tanzanian Adventure: Classic Safari vs. Migration Marvel


Tanzania offers travellers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to experience Africa's outstanding wildlife diversity up close. Home to epic landscapes, diverse ecosystems and abundant animal populations, Tanzania offers a range of memorable safari options to cater to different interests.

In this blog, let's explore the Classic Safari and Migration Safari in more depth to understand what makes each itinerary a truly special wildlife experience.

Classic Safari: A Comprehensive Tanzanian Wildlife Adventure

The Classic Safari is a meticulously crafted tour that immerses you in the captivating beauty of iconic wildlife destinations such as Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Tarangire, and Manyara. Tailored for both first-time visitors to Tanzania and wildlife enthusiasts, this itinerary offers a seamless exploration of the country's top wildlife spots, minimizing travel time between locations.

Zebras in Serengeti

At the heart of this safari lies the renowned Serengeti National Park, an expansive grassland paradise spanning over 15,000 square kilometres. Positioned as the focal point, the Central Serengeti region unveils a captivating spectacle where wildlife outnumbers tourists. Engaging game drives in this area showcase vast herbivore populations and predator counterparts, providing an immersive experience with resident wildlife.

Including Ngorongoro Crater enhances the adventure, offering a unique blend with the Serengeti. As the world's largest intact caldera, Ngorongoro Crater's high walls create a natural enclosure for approximately 25,000 large mammals. The frequent sightings of diverse wildlife and predators make it an integral part of this safari. Additional options, such as Tarangire National Park and Lake Manyara National Park, further enrich the wildlife encounters.

By focusing on Tanzania's renowned northern parks and reserves, the Classic Safari ensures you witness iconic wildlife sightings and breathtaking landscapes without extended travel durations between destinations. This thoughtfully designed itinerary serves as a gateway to Tanzania's premier offerings, providing an immersive experience within a concise timeframe.

Migration Safari: Witnessing the Marvel of the Great Migration

For those in search of an unparalleled wildlife spectacle, the Migration Safari offers an experience like no other. This safari is uniquely centred around witnessing the Great Migration of wildebeest—an annual cycle that involves over 1.5 million wildebeest and 1 million zebras. This natural phenomenon unfolds throughout the year in both Tanzania and Kenya.

Our seasoned guides expertly navigate to precise locations where the herds are anticipated based on past migration cycles. However, it's essential to acknowledge that the herds are in constant motion, making their movements somewhat unpredictable.

From January to early May, the herds concentrate in Southern Serengeti and the western corridor as the calving season begins. During the dry season from June to October, the herds traverse north through the Serengeti, eventually reaching Kenya's Masai Mara. This period marks the peak migration, featuring awe-inspiring river crossings in epic numbers as the herds navigate the Mara River. Spotting these mesmerizing moments requires flexibility and a willingness to traverse different regions. The safari promises a thrilling adventure as you follow the remarkable journey of thousands of wildebeest, zebras, and other herbivores across vast plains and challenging river crossings.

Wildebeest River Crossing

The Migration Safari may entail spending several days in the same area, exploring daily in pursuit of the herds. Lucky travelers may witness riveting river crossings, with crocodiles preying on wildebeest. Each journey is a unique exploration, immersing travelers in the wild drama unfolding before their eyes. Few guided experiences capture the wonders of nature as profoundly as this one. Further details about The Great Wildebeest Migration can be found here -

You will also be able to add other parks like Tarangire, Ngorongoro, and Lake Manyara to the same itinerary. While necessitating advanced planning, the Migration Safari ensures an unforgettable firsthand encounter with the grandeur and struggle of one of Earth's greatest wildlife spectacles.


Tanzania's safari experiences cater to diverse interests and preferences, offering a gateway to the breathtaking world of wildlife. The Classic Safari provides a comprehensive exploration of popular national parks at a more affordable cost, while the Migration Safari allows you to witness the remarkable Great Migration in all its glory, albeit at a slightly higher price point than the classic safari.

While the Migration Safari can include the Classic Safari itineraries, the reverse is not always possible, as specific planning is required for the migration experience.

Whichever safari you choose, Tanzania promises to leave you in awe with its natural wonders and diverse wildlife. So, pack your bags, grab your camera, and embark on an unforgettable journey through the untamed wilderness of Tanzania.

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