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Kenya is a top wildlife destination in Africa, highly recommended for those who are going on a first-time safari. The grasslands in Kenya offer a variety of Wildlife to witness. Relaxation after Safari in Beach makes a perfect vacation. No wonder that they call 'MAGICAL KENYA'.



Tanzania Safari offers world-class wildlife, beautiful landscapes and some of the best safari lodges.  The Serengeti is undeniably world-class and home to The Great Wildebeest Migration as well as the biggest concentration of predators in Africa.

Serengeti Leopard
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Botswana which situated in Southern Africa is home for the world-famous "Okavango Delta". Botswana is vast. 38% of the country is filled with national parks, reserves and wildlife areas, and much of it is so remote that the only way in is by tiny, buzzing aircraft's.

Chobe Elephants



A tour or safari in Zimbabwe is an excellent way to explore the country. Spend a couple of days touring the legendary Victoria Falls or opt for a longer safari that includes "Hwange National Park" which is famous for its elephant and predator populations. and "Mana Pools" known for its excellent canoe safaris, fishing and guided walking safaris.

Vitoria Falls Zimbabwe
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